Sleepy Llamas

An NFT project by Keven Houy

9000 llamas are here to help you Expand Your Digital Collection
Exciting and Original Limited Edition NFT Collectibles 

If you’re a collector always on the lookout for exclusive digital collectibles to add to your private collection, then Sleep Llamas are not something you’re going to want to miss!


Fun and oh-so original this is a community of NFTs you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. Featuring brilliant avatars, gifts, and rare pieces of art we’re ready to add exclusivity to your NFT collection. 

One-of-a-Kind Drops 

The best thing about Sleepy Llamas is that their rarity is second to none. Boasting chill designs that are colorful, vibrant, and truly exceptional we want to make each Llama something that you can feel proud to own. In fact, each one features its own unique style to separate it from all its pals, so you can be sure that what you’re collecting is solely original—no one else will have a copy! 

Expansive Membership Benefits 

With Sleepy Llamas, we want to offer more than just a one-off NFT. We want to provide a trading community that comes with multiple benefits based on your collecting prowess.


Between our rare drops, fair distribution process, and commercial ownership and usage rights, we’re giving you more control over your digital collection. And all backed by safe, reliable trading VIA Opensea to ensure maximum investment value. 

Here are just a few ways we’re ensuring our NFTs are enhancing your own digital collections: 


bi-Weekly Drops of 500 llamas with Unspecific Dates (First Come, First Served) 

Star Ratings to Display Rarity and Exclusivity 

Collection Groups and Individual NFT Drops 

The community decides what the next drop will look like


access to exclusive merchandise (Long-Term Potential) 

Hit the Flex with Every New Llama 

We all know that owning something completely original is what really makes it valuable. That’s why we want our Sleepy Llama NFTs to feel like you’re escaping with your own personal copy of the Mona Lisa.


Once you own your new artwork, we want you to show it off, display it, and tell everyone about it. Because part of the fun of owning something one-of-a-kind is showing the world that it’s only yours.


Try to capture the rarest Llamas, the most exclusive collections, and the unique designs and create a compilation that nobody else in the entire world has. And then show them off, trade them, and become the ultimate Sleepy Llama collector.  

189.png (2).gif
Star-Based Rarity  

It’s often hard to know the value of NFTs if there’s no structure in place to determine rarity.


That’s why our designs are given an easy-to-understand star rating that let you know exactly how rare each one is, which makes buying and trading far more enjoyable. 


season 1 

30 matic

Currently FILLING THE WHITELIST for our first drop containing 500 Sleepy Llamas

season 2

60 matic

Say goodbye to the grass, our friends get a new background and new unique accessories to help identify what season they come from.

seasons 3- 10

90 matic - 300 matic

We will take requests from the community and create new accessories for our future llamas.  

seasons 11+

300 matic

Merchandise production for holders such as hoodies, physical cards, coasters and more. We will be taking requests too!

When can I get one? 

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